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I recommend you to visit Turkey. Wonderful sea, beach, and sun are waiting for you. Also a great history and culture, which is the result of many ancient civilizations, two great empires; Byzantine Empire and Ottoman Empire, will be glad to welcome you! Have a nice vacation in Turkey!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Seven Towers Dungeon, Istanbul

These are the photos of Seven Towers Dungeon which was built in the times of Byzantium as a part of city wall. Ottomans used it as dungeon for famous prisoners.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Olympos, Antalya

Olympos was a very important city in the Lycian League. The town had a commercial port along the coast of Anatolia. Coins minted in the second century B.C. are among the first finds dating back to the ancient city. Olympos was established in the Hellenistic period, in the third century B.C. In 78 B.C., it became part of the Roman Empire, first under the rule of the Venetians, then the Genoese, and still later then under Knights of Rhodes.

The city enjoyed a long period of prosperity, until it lost importance and was finally abandoned after the fifteenth century. The place where ancient Olympos once stood is now a protected area, in the Olympos Bey daglari National Park, recently instituted and extremely interesting from an environmental point of view. A stream runs through the city and on its banks, buried in lush vegetation, are the ruins of a small theater, hot springs, an agora and some tombs dating from the Hellenistic period.

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Great Hotel in Antalya, Turkey

Infinite reflections in stories-high intricate mirror mosaics dazzle the eye. The view stretches across one of the world’s largest pools to merge with the sea and disappear into the horizon. A rich visual temptation, a scene that the original parents of humanity could never have imagined... Sleekly elegant restaurants, coupled with a visual celebration of pleasure for the eye and mind. This elite and exclusive destination is truly hedonistic, inviting you to indulge in the pleasures of a 100,000 square meter enclave of secluded forest, overlooking the pure, turquoise Mediterranean, the most pampering and relaxing spa treatments and the finest cuisine from cultures around the globe, not to mention seaside golf.

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Protest against Social Security Reform

The ruling part AKP wants to raise the retirement age to 65 while the life expectancy in Turkey is about 67 years. It means that most of the workers will die before being retired.
The reform proposed by the government has been harshly criticised by labor leaders and opposition parties. Turkish unions launched a protest meeting in Istanbul against the sought social security and general health insurance bill. Here are the photos that I have taken.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Kapali Carsi (Covered Bazaar)

Kapalı Çarşı (Covered Bazaar) : It is the oldest and biggest closed bazaar in the world, also known as the Grand Bazaar, has around 4000 shops and over 60 alleyway, covering a huge labyrinth in the city centre. The original two structures, covered with a series of domes and remains of the 15th century walls, became a shopping area by covering the surrounding streets and adding to it over the following centuries. In Ottoman times this was the centre of trading, and a vital area of town. The Sandal Bedesten was added during Süleyman’s reign, to cope with the rising trade in fabrics, during the 16th century.

Traditionally the more valuable goods were in the old central area, called Ic Bedesten, because it was more secure. As quite typical of the area, most streets are laid out and devoted to a particular trade, for example gold on Kuyumcular Caddesi, leather on Bodrum Han, and shoes on Kavaflar Sokak. But the trade has also spilled out onto the surrounding streets, and it is very common to see Russian traders buying up huge sacks of leather jackets or shoes outside the main entrance. Even the streets leading to the Golden Horn are lined with outdoor stalls, which have traditionally been controlled by strict trading laws to reduce competition between traders.

Apart from the usual shops selling clothes, textiles, jewellry and carpets, there are small workshops, where craftsmen cast and beat silver or brass, in a skilled trade handed down through the generations. If all that shopping, bargaining and fending off persuasive salesmen is a little too tiring, there are also traditional cafes dotted inside the bazaar in which to relax, eat and sip tea. There are also money-changing booths inside and out. It is slightly less crowded during weekdays, as most locals shop at weekends.

Where is Grand Bazaar? This map shows the exact location of Grand Bazaar.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Haydarpasa Railway Station

Istanbul Haydarpaşa is a terminus main station of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in Haydarpaşa close to Kadiköy at the Anatolian part of Istanbul, Turkey. International, domestic and regional trains running to east- and southbound destinations depart from this major terminal which was built as the terminus of the Istanbul-Baghdad and Istanbul-Damascus-Medina railways during the final years of the Ottoman Empire.

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Crossing Bosphorus

I have put two red arrows on the map of Istanbul. The red arrow that is the south of Istanbul is called as the First Bosphorus Bridge and the second bridge is called as Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge. Most of the citizens use these two briges to cross the bosphorus. Also sea transportation is used between the harbours.

Bosphorus and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges allow us to cross the bosphorus by car.

Big ferries let you have a good time while crossing the bosphorus.

Small ferries always work between Europe and Asia sides of the city. The most popular route is the one which is between. Uskudar (Asia) - Besiktas (Europe).

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