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Özel Arama
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Friday, December 26, 2014

Neve Shalom Synagogue


Probably, Neve Shalom is the most famous synagogue in Turkey. many Jewish citizens prefer Neve Shalom to pray. It is very close to Galata district and so Istiklal avenue and Taksim Square.

The synagogue is on the Buyuk Hendek Street in the Kuledibi district of Beyoglu square. The Neve Salom ("Peace Oasis") Synagogue was built by renovating the gymnasium was converted to a synagogue in 1938, but it couldn't be used because of a lack of permission. Permission was granted in 1949, and the project was prepared by Elio Ventuos and Bernard Motola, two graduates from Istanbul Technical University. It was opened for prayer and worship in 1951.

Its most striking attractions are the dome which holds an eight ton chandelier, the stained glass windows which were imported from England, and the marble sections.

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