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I am a citizen of Istanbul and you can find my recommendations regarding what you should do during your stay at Istanbul.

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Friday, December 26, 2014

Hidiv Pavilion in Istanbul

Hidiv Pavilion, Istanbul

As a citizen of Istanbul, one of my favourite place to visit in Istanbul is Hidiv Pavilion. It is in the Asian side of Istanbul. Hidiv Pavilion ( Hidiv Kasri in Turkish) is very close to the town, Kanlica where is in the Asian part of Bosphorous. You can come to Kanlica by ferry and then you can take a taxi to climb to the hill.

"The garden of Hidiv Pavilion"

"The Hidiv Pavilion"

On the slopes of Çubuklu, within a large grove of trees, the mansion was built for the Egyptian Hidiv Abbas Hilmi Paşa in 1907 by the Italian architect Delto Seminati. The building- of completely western style, occupies an area of 1000 square meters. In the middle of the main entrance is a marble monumental, its stained glass ceiling reaching to the roof. There are in many parts of the building very elaborate foundations and pools.

By means of interconnecting salons the building forms a circle only being interrupted by the entrance hall. Rooms are located on the upper floor and the two large bedrooms located above the chimneyed entrance salon are without peer. They are especially noteworthy for the wall panelling and the bathrooms. Another feature of the building is the tower from which half of the Bosphorus vista can be seen. Ascending to the tower by elevator or stairs you come to a balconied middle floor and above that is terace open to the sky. This tower adds markedly to the beauty of the building.


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