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You know, most of the tourists just visit the most popular places and return to their countries without experiencing the real city life.

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Babazula, psychedelic music band

Baba Zula

If you want to listen Turkish sound and see original scene show, you should go to concert of Baba Zula.

Babazula defines their sound as oriental Istanbul rock'n roll that rolls in a futuristic way inspired by the late 60's.

You can check their concert schedule below:
( check the "dates" section in the webpage of Baba Zula )

Below, you can see two videos of Baba Zula.

Baba Zula - Hey 

Baba Zula - Istanbul Cocukları / Children of Istanbul 

You can buy concert tickets by biletix
( online ticket service company ). Just write "baba zula" in search box.

"Real Turkiye"

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